15 Early Signs You’re Having a Boy Or Girl

You’re pregnant. You’re excited, For lots of us, while finding out we’re pregnant is pretty exciting stuff in and of itself, very soon indeed the question of whether we’re having a boy or girl usually pops into our minds.

Here are signs you are having a boy or girl, this doesn’t always mean that they’re 100% accurate.

 1. Shape of your face

If your face is rounder and fuller, then old wives’ tales will tell you you’re expecting a girl. Bizarrely, the tale also says that if your nose starts to grow or widen, it means you’re pregnant with a girl as she’s trying to ‘steal’ your beauty!

2. Blood pressure

Believe it or not, this theory says you can predict your baby’s sex 26 weeks before conception based on the mum’s blood pressure. WHHHAT – how does that work?

3. Morning sickness

One theory goes that you can tell you’re having a girl if you have bad morning sickness. Dr Geetha Venkat, Director of Harley Street Fertility Clinic says: “Hormones can make women very poorly and if your baby is a girl, there will be an increased level of estrogen within your body, which can often lead to sickness.

“That being said, we have seen many women suffering from this problem who have gone on to have boys, so again, this is not a definitive identification tool.”

4. Mood swings

If you suffer from severe mood swings, it supposedly means you’re having a baby girl. Although, considering the surge of hormones flowing through your body, we think you’d be hard pushed to find a mum-to-be who isn’t moody or hormonal!

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