10 Most Sensitive Parts of a Girl’s Body

1. Ears

The ear is covered with abundant nerve endings and is one part of the body that experiences the least amount of physical contact in a day, which adds to its intrigue.

How to do: It would be wise to start slow by gently exploring the shape of the ear before caressing the earlobe with your lips. Slowly combine these moves and penetrate the ear with your tongue to both surprise and pleasure your partner. Low guttural sounds or whispers are another way to leverage this sensitive part.

2. Lips

There is a reason why couples find it imperative to kiss because it is not just some romantic convention but a stimulation of the countless nerve endings on the lips. This can cause secretions that affect the whole body and make you feel good.

How to do: Kissing, however, is only one of the ways to exploit a lady’s lips. The tongue, teeth and fingers can also be used to induce the same secretions in your partner. Simply brush those lips while catching your breath!

3. Nipples

Nipples are one of the most well–known places among the 5 most sensitive parts on the female body. There are ways to utilize them to their maximum potential.

How to do: Cupping a breast in your hand while gently touching or licking regions around the nipples will slowly stimulate the body. Then turn your focus to the nipples by holding it with your lips and rubbing it with your tongue. Studying your partner’s reaction can help you judge the nuances that work for them.

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