Things You Needs To Do When Your Friends Hate Your Boyfriend

When your friends hate your boyfriend, it can feel like you’re being completely torn in two directions and it weighs heavily on both your friendships and your new relationship. We want our friends to share in our excitement, not to say things like, “I think you can do better than him.” Here is what to do when your friends hate your boyfriend.

Don’t get defensive.

Unless your friends are straight out of the movie Mean Girls, most likely there is a reason they can’t stand your new man…and it may or may not be a good one. When we start dating someone new, we tend to turn a blind eye to any of his less than desirable qualities. Is it possible your bff’s see something you don’t and are trying to protect you? There are varying degrees of concern though. Are they are complaining that he doesn’t seem to buy you enough gifts or have they noticed that he constantly disrespects you and insults you? Two very different issues-one valid, one not so much. If their intentions are in the right place, don’t dismiss their concerns right away.

Make your own decisions.

At the end of the day, you can date whomever you want. Your friends are entitled to their opinions, but you’re also entitled to kick it to the curb. Remember that it’s ok to disagree with a friend, and differing opinions should never be the catalyst for friendship drama. Real friends will state their concerns and then put their personal feelings aside, realizing that their job as a friend is to support you and be loyal, no matter whom you’re dating.

Demand respect.

Extreme cases aside, there is no excuse for a friend to be rude or disrespectful to you or your new boyfriend. She isn’t the one dating him. Sure, maybe she wants the best for you but how does she even know what that is? Only you do. If a friend is putting her own agenda ahead of your happiness and issuing ultimatums perhaps the relationship that should end is the one with her. You don’t need her permission to fall in love and be happy, and you have better things to do then spend your life pleasing someone else.

Have you ever been in a situation where your friends didn’t like your significant other? How did you handle it?

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